November 22th, 2017 - Fractures and inclusions

Let's continue working on that "Beefy Girdle with Bangkok Meets" design of mine...

In the last couple of days I added the girdle resizing functionality. If you look closely at the pictures you'll notice something else I've worked into it...


That's it.

GemSuite now handles fractures and inclusions.

After fixing the code for a few mishaps (when you add instead of subtracting!) GemSuite Modeler can now properly resize the girdle of any given stone relative to the full height of the stone, *or* give it a defined thickness if working from a scanned rough.

Mind you, the first release of GemSuite Scanner won't have the ability to handle inclusions and fractures, because 1) can't do it automatically and 2) I'll rely on feedback from the beta-testers team to devise how to handle that without too much hassle for the end users.

So, to sum it up: automatic girdle height adjustment in a few clicks (three different ways of doing it, depending on what part of the stone you want to use as a reference), and modeling around fractures and inclusions (they still mess around sometimes though) is now a reality in GemSuite Modeler!

Thanks all again for your interest and early feedback, it's a huge motivation!

Tom, a.k.a. Ludwig Von Sodabowski