December 24th, 2017 - User accounts

At great last, the user accounts infrastructure for GemSuite is up and working! Here's the big picture about that part and why it took me so long:

- any GemSuite user will be uniquely identified by their e-mail address

-> this requires e-mail validation to ensure no identity theft occurs

-> name and nickname can be changed at will (and these will be also changed in the designs) but once you set up an account with a given e-mail, it's for keeps.

- any identified GemSuite user will have the possibility to link another user to their account and share the paid licenses

-> this is for all of you guys doing faceting as a family thing, and really the main reason why I've gone through all this hassle : if Joe Faceter pays for a license, Jane Faceter can use the same license but with her own e-mail and on her own computer, to scan her own rough and/or create her very own designs.

-> or your kid, or BFF, or your apprentice if you have one, up to you.

=> said link can only be activated by the primary account (the one that paid for the licenses) for identity theft avoidance purposes, but can be revoked at any time by any of the two linked users (and I really don't care)

/!\ there will be a fixed-time limit between allowed link changes, namely a few months. Hey, fair enough. This is my "family-friendly licensing scheme". If your best buddy wants it, they can try it but also buy it! ;)

- any GemSuite user can have the software installed on multiple computers with their own account (same e-mail) but only one of these computers can have the full-access licenses activated at a given time

/!\ same time limit between license swaps between computers

-> if you live half-time in a place and half-time in another place, and you have a desktop computer at each, this is for you (more to come around Spring 2018 on that matter). One of my woodworking buddies does just that, so I guess you guys could be in the same situation.

-> if for whatever reason you would lose your computer, the licenses can be transferred to a new computer without needing the old one

=> crash-proof (again, more to come around Spring 2018)

=> theft-proof (idem, with a twist)

Now to polish all this craze with Cerium Oxyde after a good night's sleep... TTYL
Tom, a.k.a. Ludwig Von Sodabowski