March 4th, 2018 - Meetpoints are a pain

An insight into, um, quantum faceting, and why it's taking me so long to release the beta :

"Given two points A and B in a spherical coordinates system, compute the Theta-Phi pairs of all the planes that contain these two points and respect an angular constrain on the angle Theta (think "index" here).

Hint : the angles Theta and Phi are correlated by an hyperbolic function TBD."

Translation : two meetpoints other than vertical plane (angle is set) or horizontal plane (index is set)...

One meetpoint was easy, three is straightforward (they fully define the cutting plane), two is ... well, this stuff above. * pulls hair out *

Why all that suffering? Because you won't always be able to pick a third meetpoint, and I'd rather get the hardest part (no index adjusting needed if you wish so) sorted out for you guys beforehand.

Tom, a.k.a. Ludwig Von Sodabowski