November 24th, 2018 - Meetpoints aplentee

More about the "two defined meetpoints" procedure of GemSuite Modeler : after a heck of a week trying to figure out why the proper mathematical way (with 3D vector calculations and all) was missing possible angle/index combinations, I went with the old-fashioned but always reliable "brute force" method, with the expected results.

When defining two meetpoints, if they are not in the same horizontal or vertical plane, you can have a set of possible angle/index pairs for which you can actually meet these two points without touching the "cheater" (or none, depends on the two points and the chosen index gear). I already showed that one can define a tier with three picked meetpoints and end up with a non-integer index (and the appropriate warning and percentage of adjustment will be given in the cutting list), but when designing for "regular" rough (versus for the oddball piece that demands your soul and touching the cheater at every tier), you'd better have no index adjusting at all. This function enables just that. Pick two meet points (anywhere along any edge), or a full edge to meet, and if such angle/index combinations are possible at all they will be materialized as green dots in the 3D view (giving the 3rd point to define a plane in space) and as angle/index pairs in the "whole combo" popup.

The possible (if any) combinations are kept separated for both the pav/girdle and crown, so if you need to pump more light into your rough (think "Martian Trinity" here) then you can define two meetpoints in the crown, and cut down towards the pavillion to make that happen. Might be tricky to actually cut (you might need to transfer several times), but if you need it, well, it's there.

I also split and burnt a lot of firewood since the last update ;)

Cheers and thanks for your continued interest in GemSuite  "

Tom, a.k.a. Ludwig Von Sodabowski