December 2nd, 2018 - Symmetry and more

Taking a break from the meetpoints stuff (but still making progress on it). I almost melted my brain last week. Anyway.

This week I implemented another very important feature, not only of GemSuite Modeler, but of the whole GemSuite infrastructure. Although the only visible part (for now) is the little (almost ridiculous, given the sheer power of that set of features, keep reading to figure out why) "Auto" checkbox next to the "Tier symmetry" popup in Modeler.

This checkbox enables automatic detection of symmetry within a given set of indexes : you pick the indexes that you wish to cut to, and if one of the symmetries possible with the chosen index gear applies to part (or all) of this set of indexes, then it's automatically picked for you (and the starting index changed accordingly if needed). Supplementary indexes (outside of that symmetry) are retained and appear in green in the top view, and missing indexes for that symmetry appear in red (in case you would need them, no need to count on your fingers), just like before with manual symmetry. Only now, the software can detect it on its own.

So what's the big deal, you might ask?

This : index gear reduction, and DRM!

Let me explain the first : say you have designed a 4-symmetry cut for the 96 gear, but you have lent it to a buddy and you only have your trusty 32 gear handy. This feature allows GemSuite to automatically detect a lower-order index gear that shares the same symmetries that the ones used in your design (if any), and will give you a modified cutting-list for that other index gear (if it can be done on a 32, obviously a 4-sym is okay here). Which means no more manually calculating the translated indexes for that "smaller" (hence faster to switch between teeth) gear. You will actually be provided with the full range of index gears that can cut that design, and the cutting list for each will be available. I hope this sounds sweet, because it's meant to be sweet.

Small print : the 77 is a lonesome bastard and will remain so...

Now the latter, the Digital Rights Management system of GemSuite : this set of symmetry detection and reduction features plays a key role in the design fingerprinting within the whole GemSuite infrastructure (it's not only a mere faceting software, but a whole community system with almost infinite room to grow). I talked with several well-seasoned faceters among you guys, and this will be my answer to the rather tricky subject of "design copyright infringement prevention". Nobody can prevent someone from manually entering a faceting design in a faceting software from an illegal printed copy/a picture/whatever. But if the case were to arise, said design will be recognized as such by GemSuite and won't be available for sharing (only for personal use). Since every file created by a GemSuite user has its own encryption, only the originally-created designs (or templates) with no previous proof of parenthood will be shareable, at the creator's discretion. That sharing part will be released after the Modeler itself (it isn't needed to start deploying GemSuite and actually licensing it), and will be way faster to implement than this big BIG thing that Modeler has been, and still is, to implement. Bear with me.

Again, thanks for your time, interest and precious feedback, I highly appreciate it!

Tom, a.k.a. Ludwig Von Sodabowski