August 12th, 2019 - PDF export library sez "Hello world"!

We've had quite a hectic weather here in Southern France these past two months, alternating from super hot and dry to cats-n-dogs-kinda rains (with some hail for good measure).

I can't work above 30C (my brain starts to melt, seriously I can't) so I usually end up in the workshop (old stone barn, cool in summer) and do some much-needed-and-delayed cleaning and sorting out, with a bit of fabrication when I'm clear-minded enough (meaning: no residual migraines).

These last days the temperatures have settled to really comfortable levels as far as I'm concerned (24C) so after a BUNCH of also-delayed gardening I can resume programming, and man do I crave for some quality time at the computer working on GemSuite!

I eventually bit the bullet last night and got a working PDF export, coded from scratch in two hours and a half. 'Cuz SVG is nice, but PDF is superior. Now to change that "Hello World" thing into a cut-list generator with vector graphics and pictures ;)
Tom, a.k.a. Ludwig Von Sodabowski