December 21th, 2019 - Gem scanner parts

Yet more parts for the gem scanner prototypes have arrived today. I was particularly looking forward to receiving these big gears, as they're meant to be the solution to the problematic miniaturization of the polariscope. Well, the tiny stepper motor that I showed you guys just two days ago is actually powerful enough to rotate these biggish gears without needing a dedicated "high-voltage" driver (9V is high compared to the 5V of the arduino outputs). What makes me even happier is that the actual polarizer will be lighter, since only the crown of these gears will remain (I'll mill the center out and glue the polarizing filter inside). The pudding is in the video!

And talking about pudding, I promised Moshe a step-by-step of my chestnut cake recipe, so I'm off to the kitchen!

Tom, a.k.a. Ludwig Von Sodabowski