January 24th, 2020 - Organization is key

'tis inventory update time! Well actually this comes after updating the database and printing the stickers for the new rough. Problem with my current system is that I have to wait to have 35 new small box references (single pieces or lots that fit a small box) in order to print the labels without wasting sticker paper (this size doesn't exist so I print a full A4 sticker and cut it out). Less of a problem for medium-sized rough or lots that need the next size box, but still not ideal. Started talking my supplier into a custom printable model for the future. But for now here's the tour of how I store my stash. "Guest appearances" by Ramon Rueangram, Matthew Milstead and The Godfather Steve Ulatowski Enjoy the tour.

Messy desk is messy...

Now that's better. Let the feast begin!

After cutting out all the stickers, they're transferred onto the still folded boxes.

One down, thirty-four to go!

A handful of minutes later

Fold the box open...

Close the bottom, need to clip my nails

Oops forgot to rotate the picture!

Rinse and repeat.

Yummy garnet

With potential for a nice stone, prolly a retroreflector pav... haz saturashunz

Handful of peridots

Over 170 cts total, fit the box with room to spare. Space-efficient!

Not as space-efficient for this tourmaline though...

But hey, organization is a matter of compromises!

In no time the boxes for that supplier's harvest are ready!

Oops drawer is full! See how the boxes nicely fit in this Muji drawer?

Glorious indicolite with a purple portion. I will need to take cooking lessons with @[630443901:2048:Lisa Elser]!

Supplier hint : if you don't write onto the zip tie bags, they can be reused!

A handful of zircons that didn't make it through @[703634578:2048:Farooq]'s sieve and that ended up sold for peanuts to some random guy on ebay.

You really can pack a lot of alluvial stones into these boxes.

Okay that was the tinies. Let's get some more serious parcels packed now. Less stickers per print, but way more room in the boxes.

Hey @[100010077512872:2048:Matthew], it took a long time until I packed the yummies!

Even took longer for this parcel from @[1351140550:2048:Steve Ulatowski] No, you won't see the blue garnet that I bought from New Era Gems along with these

LOTS of space in the medium-sized boxes for a LOT of material!

Tom, a.k.a. Ludwig Von Sodabowski