February 11th, 2020 - thanks for the help!

Last month I posted a request for help for my upcoming business creation. Several of you in the faceting community have stepped up and delivered. Huge thanks again, these letters will certainly make all the difference. I've put the finishing touches on my project description, and will deliver it tomorrow afternoon to the lady at the association that makes the link between applicants and the administration (France, you know).
Then I'll have to wait for the answer. Hopefully it should be rather fast, and if all goes well I should be able to get the funds for the UltraTec v5 that I need both to actually become a faceter (and sell cut gemstones for a living) AND to make sure all the work I've done to this point for the GemSuite project is actually right - which it should.

From that point on, I will cut and sell at least three stones a week, including a fully documented one each week : from selecting the piece of rough out of my stock, evaluating and inspecting, scanning, designing around the 3D model, to cutting and polishing, in video. My plan is to keep these documented stones for sale exclusively inside the community (not listed on ebay or reddit), to allow those that want to financially support the development of GemSuite to do so - which includes buying a metalworking lathe and mill for the development and production of the gem Scanners, a budget of about ten Grand - if I can avoid a bank loan, I definitely will.

Thanks again for your interest and support!